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Monte Titano

Rocca Cesta contains a museum of ancient arms with thousands of weapons: swords, knives, and crossbows, as well as early firearms and some unusual experimental prototypes, such as a 1730 dagger-gun. The iconic three towers are shown on both - the San Marino flag and coat of arms. They are a part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which includes the old town below.

Museo di Stato (National Museum)

This excellent museum in the historic Palazzo Pergami Belluzzi, shows archaeological collections beginning with Neolithic Age artifacts and later Etruscan and Roman finds. The collections of ancient arts are not confined to the Italian peninsula and include Egyptian antiquities, Byzantine icons, 17th-century paintings, and antique San Marino coins. Many of the nearly 5,000 items in the museum were donated in the 19th century from private collections of Italian intellectuals and political figures, who wanted to show their admiration for the little republic.

Wax Museum

The 100 wax figures in the museum represent significant historical characters. Each is dressed in the clothing of their day and arranged in scenes, often with their contemporaries.

Amazing Liechtenstein

The Treasure Chamber of the Principality of Liechtenstein

With its focus on the country's rich royal heritage, The Treasure Chamber of the Principality of Liechtenstein is a must-see attraction in Vaduz. There's an interesting collection of moon rocks, given to the country in recognition of the role of its manufacturing base in NASA's spacecraft. This popular new attraction gets busy during peak seasons, so either plan your visit beforehand or, better still, during the shoulder seasons.

Liechtenstein National Museum

A must-see while in Vaduz is the excellent Liechtenstein National Museum (Liechtenstein Landesmuseum) - a state-owned attraction, housed in a splendidly preserved 15th-century former inn, once visited by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe in 1788.

The Towns of Nendeln and Eschen

The small towns of Nendeln and Eschen are the principal communities of the lowland area of Liechtenstein. They are well worth a visit. Nendeln is notable for its old foundations - a Roman villa, the Schädler Pottery, established in 1836, and the oldest craft workshop in the country.

Schaan and the Liechtenstein Festival

One of the oldest towns in Liechtenstein, Schaan is home to the DoMuS center. It has some interesting exhibits of local history and art, a coppersmith's workshop, and the fascinating Calculator and Typewriter Museum. Schaan is also a good place to begin a hike. It includes a number of well-marked trails of varied difficulty. It's also home to the Liechtenstein Festival - a two-day celebration of music, entertainment, and food.

Interesting Culture of San Marino

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